Just a truck….

I have to remind myself that it is just a truck.

Remember the soccer games.
Remember moving Dad’s stuff after Mom passed.
Remember dance competitions.
Remember getting stuck in the snow at Idyllwild.

It is just a truck.

Remember the one on one conversations that mattered with the kids.
Remember the Dynamo trip to San Jose with Zeke.
Remember the family vacation to Disneyland.
Remember gold and silver medals with Livi in Phoenix.

It is just a truck.

Remember cheer competition trips with Emily.
Remember dance competition trips with Gabbi.
Remember teaching all the girls to drive.

It is just a truck.

Remember driving for five extra minutes to get to 250,000 miles.
Remember girls camp.
Remember stickers from San Diego, the LA County Fair, and triathlons.

It may be just a truck, but I will miss you Mater.

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